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    December 1, 2012
    7:30 - 8:00am PST  

do it. and you know, i don't think that this is just semantics. as i just read quotes, that this in san francisco, the middle income housing orcpye middle i. and the housing element and the planning( b%ú codes.1 k8 so no one is making up a random phrase or arbitrarily putting this label on. this is how we define it. again i think it is sending a that we're not going to -- we're say that -- say two teachers living together in a household are not really middle income. we just don't feel comfortable referring to them as middle income. i think it sends a very bad message. colleagues i suggest that we reject this amendment or at least that portion of the vote.
>> president chiu: any further discussion? okay. amendment. >> clerk calvillo: supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu,> elsbernd, no. supervisor farrell, no. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor wiener, no. there are seven ayes and four nos. >> president chiu: the motion passes. unless there's further discussion why don'thtp we takea roll call vote on the underlying ordinance as amended. supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you, mr. president. i did vote against this legislation in committee originally because it only focused on low and very low income housing and moderate income housing as part of the
dashboard. and in terms -- we then adopted amendments that i had proposed a month ago to expand dashboard to encompass more of our housing needs and i was happy to -- in the past despite the -- i think mistake that this board just made in removing the words middle class. i think in my view the dashboard is now going to serve a good purpose, in terms of looking at our broad housing needs, as we approve projects. so i will be supporting the overall legislation. >> president chiu: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i'll just be brief. as a cosponsor of the dashboard legislation i'm incredibly excited that we are finally bringing this to pass. as we get developments we often evaluate them in a vacuum and don't have a good sense of what's being built in the city and debate what are we building for and we come up with our own
projection debate by debate but this dashboard will be helpful in really giving us pinpoints as to where the city isaqj)e at in complying with our 2009 housing element. so i just want to thank supervisor olague for her work. this is something she has taken on since she was commissioner. i also want to recognize supervisor campos. we had called for a hearing on this very issue earlier this year and one of the recommendations that came out of this hearing was of course a dashboard to better understanding housing production needs at various income levels and to understand the source of funds available for affordable housing at the federal state and local level so we can begin to have a discussion about solutions on how to close this production gap. c, this dashboard will assist in helping us to prioritize funds that we just passed at the ballot and i want to appreciate our voters for passing both prop c andms( e. they will be incredibly important in serving as a source of funding for affordable housing in san francisco.
>> president chiu: supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: thank you, mr. president. i'll trying not to repeat what has been said. this is definitely a long time coming, and i want to thank supervisor olague for -- and her office for all the work that has gone into this piece of legislation. i think it's appropriate that ultimately this is somethingo[j that she was the main author of, and i think it's going to be a tool that's going to be useful for many, many years to come. i want to thank supervisor kim and her staff for their work as well in pushing this item sheila, who in many respects this kind of started with the study review that we had passed the budget and legislative analyst to conduct of our affordable housing strategies. so i want to because this is one of their recommendations that came out of
that study. and i think that the discussion by all the colleagues made this better, and you know this is the kind of tool that we probably may need to tweak as we move especially after the passage of prop c, makes this really important. so thank youí$( [ all. >> president chiu: any further discussion? roll call vote on the underlying ordinance as amended. >> clerk calvillo: on item 16 as amended, supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. there arexjsm 11zpihpç ayes. >> president chiu: the ordinance is passed on the first reading as amended.
colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, why don't we go to general public comment. >> clerk calvillo: now is the opportunity for the public to comment generally for up to two minutesfd z6 on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including the policy discussion between mayor8ípp ed( lee and mrs of the board and members on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note public comment is not allowed on items which have been subject to public comment by a board committee. speakers using translation will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector state such and remove the document when the screen returns to live coverage of the meeting. >> president chiu: why don't we hear from our first speaker, two minutes please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of our public library, don't give money to the friends of the library, don't accept money from the friends of the library. we have mentioned accountability and democracy go together. we have now reached the point where jewel goams i gomez is a
noun to mean -- i have mentioned several times the president of the library commission violated rights to make public comment and sunshine task force found it a -- violation. the agents commission investigation found the conduct falls below standard of decency, good faith and right action impliedly required of all public officials and ethics unanimously found a finding of official misconduct. we may asy%(! wellç(j@ñ listene gomez voice on the website one more time. >> (tape playing but not intelligible). >> recently -- this board of
supervisors ont/jaq< a chargesf official misconduct. every member of this board of supervisors felt an obligation to explain his or her vote on whether to sustain the charges. what would the domestic violence community have thought if the supervisors had said ross mirkarimi is a friend of ours and we don't have to give any explanation. what would ross mirkarimi supporters have thought if you said the mayor's people contribute to my campaign and that's all there is to it. that is what you have done to the people who care about democracy and ethical conduct. the mayor has made no response, money -- jpoú of accountability but the lies cost more than the money. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. speaker. >> my name is deborahg5 on two different subjects,
briefly, the nudity ban. i will just say that one of the factors that should also be considered in addition to the resources of the police being concerned with nudity, there is a federal lawsuit -- >> president chiu: excuse me, ma'am. we have a rule in the board chamber that once we have considered an item in committee with public comment, that that public comment's not allowed at a subsequent full board meeting. so you're welcome to talk about anything else except for that topic which we've already discussed and debated. >> am i allowed to talk about the decision relatedpxv to the >> president chiu: again that we've considered and housing for broadly and civil rights more broadly. >> i will use an analogy. i was raised in the country. elephant needed to have a pen,
and also a stable, you would ask someone where can i get these facilities. you certainly wouldn't expect that person to direct you to a beehive. and a beehive is where worker bees live. and a stable is where you have larger groups of people that could possibly be there. and since, you know, it's been decided that, you know, oftentimes elephants can't live in beehives, that i suggest that perhaps a beehive isn't as valuable to a city that needs an elephant pen. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. >> i'm going to be using the
overhead. this is my son. can i use the overhead? >> president chiu: sfgov-tv. august 14, 2006. i just want to sayç&%( [ that we talking about violence versus nudity. i'm not bringing that up. "k about my child seeing nudity, but i'm worried about them seeing guns and i'm also -- we can continue -- we continue to be ignored as mothers and fathers. every year, every day, every holiday, every birthday, we are ignored. i come here all the time, and we continue to be ignored. we have -- we also have help -- i'm talking about when you say you want to help us, how could
you help us help color, especially african-americans, and i say also, how can you help us and you -- i'm sorry, and i wrote it down -- help us do something for us, without us. and we talk about districts. our district -- yes, our our children's aren't. districts aren't human. our loved ones are. and i say that because i want to hold these pictures up,ò( !6 od ones that have been mufwh%(r homicide. what do we do about these loved ones. all of them. we continue to be ignored. we continue to be ignored. what do we do about this. i been at city hall, 850 bryant,
pictures all the time and you know you see me and you talk to me, which is okay, and we continue to be ignored. >> president chiu: thank you next speaker. >> my name's teresa cooper and you want you all to know that i respect all of your opinions, and the things that you're working on. and i personally have my own opinions. prideful, it's disappointing, body language. i'm a body worker. i'm a master body worker. it's disappointing. you know, you're not hiding -- youvsr,l know, when you don't , body language speaks powerfully. and i'm an expert at that, and an energy worker. i guess that's the one thing that i could share is that, you know, set aside the prideful
ways,? iga because the public'sg it. i fought for ross mirkarimi. i know that his neighbor is harassing him. what are you going to do about that. maybe i should call the police and have them go over to protect ross' family. and again, prideful body language, this is my time to speak. i'm going to have a recall on our da. i didn't vote for him. i can do that as9@nkt well. i have rights. people for that. so anybody picking on my sheriff, just know that i'm going to get real committed because i'm disappointed, what i see in city hall. i can't speak about nudity. wow. i grew up in it, in chico. we just had the naked people on the opposite side. we got to see them but no one was harmed. i'm 3ü9qjez the prideful ways of our government and i'm not going to name names but just
know body language reveals everything. >> president chiu: thank you. next5%(

> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz, director of san francisco open government and i would like to acknowledge and concur with the comments made by mr. chaffee. the lies cost more than the money. i'll be glad to tell you that their last meeting the first one in five months they found city librarianújpp8 luis herrera 9-1 violation withholding public records under the sunshine ordinance and i intend to file a complaint with ethics commission faish case. what records did he withhold. he withheld records that showed the relationship financially between the friends of the library and the san francisco public library. constantly coming out at library

commission meetings and other public functions, telling people that they gave 8.8 million to the branch library improvement program, and then having to disclose that 5.17 million of fact is wrong. to go to the government obligation bond oversight -- advisory committee, and present to them that 8.8 million was given is misrepresentation. it's one thing to simply ignore your responsibilities to monitor a group. it is another thing to go out and make public statements to the public, that are false, and you know are false, because you have absolutely nothing to support them. now, this is going to be referred to this board of supervisors, and i don't thinkyñ it's going to get here until next year and to be very honest i'm glad it's not(' getting here until next year because the integrity of this current board of supervisors leaves a lot to be desired.
it's amazing how hard the exercise their first amendment rights under the constitution of the united states. shame on you. >> president chiu: thank you. >> good evening, honorable mr. president and the board of supervisors. my name is -- long time cab driver. i'm here to speak about proposition k, which was established by the people of san francisco 30 plus years ago drivers, to earn one, not to buy one. since sf mta took over the taxi commission and they sold 292 medallions and they gave medallion holders $250,000 and those are the people who are collecting 2-3,000 a month for their rental income for 30 plus year. and then they gave 50 medallions
to the single operator -- to people with not on the medallion waiting list for no cost. onojpb top of that, they gave 1o 250 medallions these directed to the cab companies. all those medallions should have gone to the medallion waiting list to earn, not to buy one. today, sf mta board and the list to giving 200 medallions to the first 200 qualified drivers on the -- and the rest, like people me, go to"ja÷ how, working continuously for 24 years, serving the public for 24 years, on the medallion waiting list a medallion for 3,000 oruvjt(s - and this isr( very unfair. i'm here to ask your help. give the thanksgiving to drivers like me and their family.
like me and their family. i sent you myc8 please read that, either ask the matter and issue a -- increase 200 to 500 medallions or consider my proposal. and thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >>&÷ "íñ he that made the ids sl he not see, he who made the ear shall he not hear. is the best -- is the best preacher and you can download 3,000 of his sermons broadcaster. family radio is the best radio station because family radio
kear is the only radio station that reads good books and most importantly the only radio station that reads the word of god. now here's a good book. tv, mr. president -6r7b8g9sdz if you put it on the screen sf gov will pick it up. that up a few years ago and he gave thumbs up to that one. and, you know, you can tune in on -- let me see. i think it's noon. yeah, i think it's noon. and i'm also asking people toéz google john decamp, alex jones, the franklin coverup. you know, it's really incredible what's going on in our nation. it really is. john decamp is a senator, 16 year senator from nebraska.
and i just finished a book by kathy o'brien, and mark philips rescued kathy o'brien she was a victim of the ultramind control and used as a sex slave with many politicians of great prom nans appear in bohemian --&xj! e that made the eyes shall he not see. not hear. >> i'm tired. john denon-a from san francisco. are we losing our sense ever privacy. throughout history almost all of humanity had chosen to retain a degree of dignity and pride
starting with fig leaves and animal skins. the -- today some would have us turn into just a herd of naked animals instead of individuals with a sense of privacy. on the nude beach, fine -- >> president chiu: excuse me, sir. >> nudist colony is okay. >> president chiu: as i mentioned before, we have a rule in the board chamber that -- >> okay. i can't read this because you passed it already? >> president chiu: because we've passed it already. >> okay. see you next time. >> president chiu: thank you >> good afternoon, supervisors. could i get the st. elmo overhead please. >> president chiu: if you put >> on sunday, i was reading
strauss plaza and walked over to little italy at st. francis assisiájpms church where i -- r examination, marriage and the marijuana card. two yearsjp@p ago, i was an applicant for the state bar of my application number mlpda0 failed, as did both parties on the application. st. francis of assisi church still remains an undeveloped property under the name of -- abraham, as for you, you shall keep my covenant, you and your offspring after you threw
out their generation. this is my covenant which you shall keep between me and you and every offspring after you. every male shall be circum sized and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and you. is that it? >> president chiu: thank you. you have about 30 more seconds. >> i'll stop there. thank you. >> president chiu: thank younjp. next speaker please. >> hello. my name is victor preeto, i live on marina boulevard, i'm a registered voter and a taxpayer in san francisco. i didn't have a chance to'é( zño a meeting in the marina the other night. i knew this was covered. i didn't have a chance to speak. i was working at the time unfortunately. the upcoming opening of a restaurant on the marina, i'd like to file a protest here and
now and hopefully be presented at the next december 4 meeting, to have the residents in that area express their concern about the restaurant that's being opened on theup9ñ marina green. this is a place where children play soccer every weekend. there's -- games, there's events coming every weekend. at times it's impossible to park in my of my own house and i live the boulevard. to tear down a facility to put alcohol in the presence of into consideration as well as the amount of traffic, the congestion, the -- not even talking about the amp yawns. iñd%( ;?ñ would like to come bae on december 4 to have itfçje5fn reviewed. >> president chiu: thank you. next >> my name is art scampa. i'm a resident of the marina for the last 30 years. i'm here today because there are
no public comments on the meeting december 4. you will be casting an important vote to either keep the marina n&j:+ one of the most pristine urban waterfront parks in the nation, or commercialize it by converting the old navy degaussing station to a restaurant serving dhol, being able to stay open from 7 am to+ç 11 pm seven days a week. the marina green is used by hundreds of little kids from all over the city to play soccer. making it efacto the largest playground in the city. it has always been the city's policy not to allow alcohol in a public playground. these kids have not shelter from the weather, or restroom facilities. a much more sensitive use to the environment and community would be to use the degaussing station as a clubhouse for the kids so
they have shelter, restroom facilities, and a place to store their equipment. if rec and park doesn't want to pay for it, even though they just received about $200 million, i would be willing to fund it myself as a contribution to the city. i'm looking for six votes here. who want to put the environment and the welfare of the children ahead of the dollars of a restaurant lease. do the right thing. and vote against this restaurant lease on december 4. and with all due respect, supervisor farrell, i ask you again, with the association, with the hospitality industry, and$á( mz your own father pitchg this restaurant, do the decent and honorable thing and recuse yourself from this vote. thank you. >> president chiu: i want to remind the public there's a rule in the board chamber that we not address individual members in your public comment. if you could address all your
comments to the full board. thank you. >> hi. i'm nichole preato i'm a resident on marina boulevard. thank you. hi. i recently found out -- we all recently found out about the proposal to agree to a lease -- a restaurant lease on the marina green. and we're quick to action. we presented yesterday, and we're here finding out we can do this again tonight to speak to all of you. first of all, late notice on this very important decision, it's greens are open space, our beautifulhj[ waterfront, placina restaurant, you know, comments have been made, serving alcohol, long hours, additional lighting, lack of parking facilities.
it should be taken into greater consideration. i understand that park and rec is looking to raise funds, especially to develop the west side or western yacht harbor. i'm sure there are other alternatives to be able to do fundraising for that purpose without destroying our beautiful city sky -- or waterfront. i7j÷ think it's rather just astonishing that when we speak to our neighbors, that no one knows of this. although rec and park said that they did a lot of prepublicity, i mean these are neighbors. these are concerned individuals that are affected directly affected. are at the 11th board, when it comesto